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Title: Garantias prestadas por sociedades comerciais a obrigações de sociedades coligadas
Author: Cristóvão, João Marcelo Ferreira
Advisor: Duarte, Rui Pinto
Keywords: Direito das Sociedades
Defense Date: 2011
Abstract: The present dissertation bears in mind that the Portuguese companies’ law does not always tolerate a company to ensure debts of others. This study’s object is the guarantees extended by companies, it the context of any sort of colligation, in order to ensure debts of other companies. The thesis analyses the meaning of the concepts used by article 6 of the Portuguese commercial companies’ code: the justifiable interest of the assuring company, the dominant participation and the groups of companies. At last, this paper drafts the legal terms in which the Portuguese holding companies can give sureties.
Description: Mestrado em Ciências Jurídicas empresariais
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