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Título: Product relatedness role on driving industrial policy success
Autor: Cardoso, Samuel Marcelino Belchior
Orientador: Nunes, Luís Catela
Freitas, Miguel Lebre de
Palavras-chave: Industrial policy
Underdeveloped sectors
Investment success
Data de Defesa: Jan-2015
Resumo: This thesis aims to study how product relatedness to the current pattern of specialization influences the success of industrial policies in underdeveloped sectors. Drawing from Hausmann and Klinger (2006), this work extends the existing literature on the importance of proximity spillovers to explain economic development by focusing on underdeveloped sectors. We find that investment's success in an underdeveloped sector is more likely if it is highly related to the current pattern of specialization. However, heterogeneity amongst sectors is remarkable. Moreover, industrial policy cases are sometimes successful despite the bad odds provided by this criterion, suggesting further factors should be considered.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/15077
Designação: A Work Project presented as part of the requirements for the Award of a Master Degree in Economics from the NOVA – School of Business and Economics
Aparece nas colecções:NSBE: Nova SBE - MA Dissertations

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