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Título: Opening Pousada da Serra da Estrela in Covilhã: A two-way impact analysis - Interacting with public agents
Autor: Falcato, Margarida Serralheiro
Orientador: Dahab, Sónia
Palavras-chave: Social network analysis
Grupo Pestana Pousadas
Public agents
Data de Defesa: Jan-2014
Editora: NSBE - UNL
Resumo: With the opening of a new Pousada de Portugal in Covilhã, several external factors must be addressed in order to assure the success of the investment. Given the existent evidence on the importance of a wide, effective and properly managed network of agents, the purpose of this study is to analyse the current network of tourism related public agents in the Covilhã area. After gathering the necessary information through literature review, a series of interviews to the region’s public agents was undertaken. Such information allowed the characterization of all agents and their relationships with other actors, while facilitating the development of a network diagram and the subsequent Social Network Analysis (SNA). SNA showed a low-density network where MUSLAN and Turismo do Centro (through its Serra da Estrela delegation) are the most central actors. Such analysis, along with a service quality evaluation and further research on tourism destination’s network best practices, led to the final recommendations. The proposals focus on ways to improve communication, destination performance and introducing Grupo Pestana Pousadas in the network.
Descrição: A Work Project, presented as part of the requirements for the Award of a Masters Degree in Management from the NOVA – School of Business and Economics
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/11863
Aparece nas colecções:NSBE: Nova SBE - MA Dissertations

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