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Título: Technology governance in radiology: the example of magnetic resonance imaging
Autor: Maia, Maria João
Palavras-chave: Decision process
Health technology assessment
Magnetic Resonance
Data: Fev-2012
Editora: IET
Citação: Maia, Maria J. (2012), Technology Governance in Radiology: The example of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, IET Working Papers Series, WPS02/2012, 41 pp.
Relatório da Série N.º: IET Working Papers Series;WPS02/2012
Resumo: This report aims to be the gathering of the main ideas that culminated in the presentation at the 1st Winter School of the PhD Programme on Technology Assessment (FCT-UNL) in December 2010. It is a guideline for future work development regarding Technology Assessment in Radiology, particularly having Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as an example. Therefore, as a background, it is necessary to understand what is “Technology Assessment”, how it developed and what it Europe’s interest in this area. Doing a transposition of this subject to health area, it is also important to understand the particularities of Health Technology Assessment. Portugal framework on this subject will also be addressed. As so, the Portuguese National Health System is characterized and the decision-making stakeholders identified, has well as the competences for the decision-making process in general. More generally, the different stakeholders perception involved in decision making, the mapping skills on technology assessment and decision making, the identification of indicators present in this decision making in Radiology, particularly in Magnetic Resonance area, are subjects to be addressed. To accomplish this, a research methodology was outlined, so that six research questions could be answered and five hypotheses could be accepted or refuted, in the future. With this research methodology, the Portuguese state of the art Magnetic Resonance equipment existence will be studied, using a survey as a resource. In the future, a mapping stakeholder technique will be used to identify the decision making key stakeholders and a survey will be applied to map theirs skills and competences in the process, where a pre-test was already applied.
Descrição: Based on the report for the unit “Project III” of the PhD programme on Technology Assessment in 2011. The unit was supervised by Prof. António B. Moniz (FCT-UNL).
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/8131
ISSN: 1646-8929
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