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Title: Ontologies learn by searching
Author: Cavaco, Francisco António Gonçalves
Advisor: Gonçalves, Ricardo
Sarraipa, João
Keywords: Ontology
Semantic mapping
Semantic interoperability
Dynamic information Systems
Complex systems
Defense Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: FCT-UNL
Abstract: Due to the worldwide diversity of communities, a high number of ontologies representing the same segment of reality which are not semantically coincident have appeared. To solve this problem, a possible solution is to use a reference ontology to be the intermediary in the communications between the community enterprises and to outside. Since semantic mappings between enterprise‘s ontologies are established, this solution allows each of the enterprises to keep internally its own ontology and semantics unchanged. However information systems are not static, thus established mappings become obsoletes with time. This dissertation‘s objective is to identify a suitable method that combines semantic mappings with user‘s feedback, providing an automatic learning to ontologies & enabling auto-adaptability and dynamism to the information systems
Description: Dissertation to obtain the Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Appears in Collections:FCT: DEE - Dissertações de Mestrado

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