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Título: Société rurale, société urbaine: espaces en interaction
Autor: Pellegrino, Pierre
Mondada, Lorenza
Neves, João
Silvano, Filomena
Palavras-chave: mundo rural
Data: 1987
Editora: A.I.S.L.F
Resumo: The structuration of the space where the rural society has been developped works as an echelonned separation to the other, the most different in the most remote; all of them are placed in a successive series of juxtapositions and interlocking series where the plural on one scale is the singular on another one, the homogeneous. However, in the generalized diffusion of properties, informations and valies, this echelonnement is obsolete; in an urban society, the remote is the here and the other in the same; so the communication problems between social entities are not just established in a coexistential and relational way, but also - and especially - in terms of integration and future.
Descrição: La sociologie et les nouveaux défis de la modernisation, Porto, pp. 315-326
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/3596
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