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Título: The friction force mouse-pad and the forearm muscles efforts (preliminary results)
Autor: Cabeças, José Miquel
Ribeiro, Emanuel Santos
Orientador: Moniz, António
Palavras-chave: Computer mouse
Forearm muscles
Friction force mouse-pad
Data: 1-Jan-2009
Citação: Cabeças, J.M.; Ribeiro, E. S. (2009): "The friction force mouse-pad and the forearm muscles efforts (preliminary results)", IET Working Papers Series, 03/09, 8 pp.
Relatório da Série N.º: IET Working Papers Series
Resumo: The objective of the article is to evaluate the impact of the friction force mouse-pad in the contraction level of the forearm muscles M. extensor carpi ulnaris, M. extensor digitorum and M. extensor carpi radialis longus. A standard protocol of mouse movements was performed involving horizontal, vertical and diagonal mouse displacements drag-and-drop type. The operators were instructed to execute the protocol with their normal working speed. The movements protocol were performed by each subject (n=17) with three selected pairs mouse-pad, classified as low, medium and high friction force pairs. The mean time to execute the protocol with each mouse was ~138s. Mean values of ~13%MVE and ~17%MVE were found in the M. extensor carpi ulnaris and in the M. extensor digitorum respectively when performing the movements’ protocol. A 8.1% increase in %MVE was observed in the M. extensor digitorum and a 9.4% increase in %MVE was observed in the M. extensor carpi ulnaris when the high friction force pair was operated, relatively to the low friction force pair (p<0.05). The main preliminary conclusions of this study is that operating a high friction force mouse-pad may increase the risk to symptoms or disorders in the wrist due to an increase in the forearm muscles contraction levels, particularly during work with drawing application
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/1861
ISSN: 1646-8929
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