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Title: The words about a “sea of trees”. Colonial and post-colonial narratives about Gorongosa (Mozambique)
Author: Frazão-Moreira, Amélia
Keywords: Percepções
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: A "sea of trees" was the term chosen by Lynne Tinley (wife of the environmentalist Ken Tinley), in 1968, to describe the nuances of the colors of the Gorongosa National Park (Mozambique) environment. Observed colors, but mostly sensed colors. This communication will give voice to the testimonies of different social actors (hunters, journalists, writers, tourists, conservationists) trying to understand the views and feelings of nature in colonial and postcolonial eras. The reports of those who were, however briefly, in Gorongosa, allow us to understand emotions, nostalgia, differences and recurrences in the way of appropriating nature. These experiential narratives give us historical and ideological constructions of Africa.
Description: 8º Congresso Ibérico de Estudos Africanos (CIEA8). Madrid, 2012
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