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Title: Societal embedding in high-speed train technology development: dominant perspective from a case study
Author: Moretto, Susana Martins
Keywords: Railways
High-speed train manufacturing industry
Strategic intelligence
Constructive technology assessment
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: IET
Citation: Moretto, Susana M. (2011), Societal Embedding in High-Speed Train Technology Development: dominant perspective from a case study, Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies, Vol. 7, pp. 57-73
Abstract: The present article posits constructive technology assessment as the dominant perspective of societal embedding practices in the technical development process by the high-speed train manufacturing industry, resulting from a research study conducted in 2011 (Moretto 2011). The article covers the main elements of the study, being the high-speed train manufacturing industry’s strategic intelligence, technology pattern, knowledge exchange, technology trajectories; and finally presents the arguments justifying constructive technology assessment as the dominant approach.
Description: The present article is based on the report for the Doctoral Conference of the PhD programme in Technology Assessment, held at FCT-UNL Campus, Monte de Caparica, June 9th, 2011. The PhD thesis has the supervision of Prof. António Moniz (FCT-UNL and ITAS-KIT), and co-supervision of Prof. Manuel Seabra Pereira and Prof. Rosário Macário (both from IST-UTL).
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 2182-5114
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