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Title: The International Multilateral System: Imperatives of Change, Potential Scenarios and Suggestions for the Future
Author: Kadah, Mohamed Mansour
Advisor: Rodrigues, Teresa
Ribeiro, Felix
Defense Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Abstract: This research on the international multilateral system has its raison-de-être in the problems of lack of effective global governance manifested in areas such as global politics, security, economy, environment and others. A fundamental focus of the research is on the latest changes in world politics, including state power shifts, power diffusion from state to non-state actors and the implications of the rapid evolution of globalization over the last two decades, with its proliferating challenges and opportunities. In addition, the research examines reform efforts in multilateral institutions and some of the reform proposals suggested in academic circles. The main objective of the research is to provide a holistic analysis of the current state of the multilateral system, the imperatives of reform in the system, its potential future scenarios as well as some suggestions for the future. No doubt, the United Nations (UN) is the core hub of the current system. Hence, the research principally approaches its subject from the perspective of the UN. In particular, the UN General Assembly is the subject of a case study that aims, among others, to highlight the predicament and potential of this unique forum of multilateral cooperation.
Description: Thesis presented to satisfy the necessary requirements for obtaining a PhD degree in International Relation with specialization in Globalization and the Environment,
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