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Title: Immune response and tissue cytoprotection: two sides of the same coin in immunopathology
Author: Marguti, Ivo
Advisor: Carvalho, Thiago Lopes
Defense Date: Oct-2011
Publisher: Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica
Abstract: The immune system is fundamental to maintaining the host’s viability upon infection. Nonetheless, the mechanisms used to control pathogens may also cause tissue damage, leading to the development of immunopathology. The host’s capacity to survive infections depends on its ability to control the pathogen burden, while avoiding the deleterious effect of immune responses on its own tissues. To achieve this goal, the host may apply the following strategies: increasing tissue resilience to immune-mediated insult and/or controlling exacerbated immune activation. This Thesis sought insight into the mechanisms used by the host to successfully employ both strategies(...)
Description: Dissertation presented to obtain the Ph.D degree in Biochemistry
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