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Title: A framework for robustness assessment in the context of corroded RC structures
Author: Cavaco, Eduardo S.
Casas, Joan R.
Neves, Luis A. C.
Huespe, Alfredo H.
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2012
Series/Report no.: IABMAS 2010;
Abstract: Structural robustness is an emergent concept related to the structural response to damage. At the present time, robustness is not well defined and much controversy still remains around this subject. Even if robustness has seen growing interest as a consequence of catastrophic consequences due to extreme events, the fact is that the concept can also be very useful when considered on more probable exposure scenarios such as deterioration, among others. This paper intends to be a contribution to the definition of structural robustness, especially in the analysis of reinforced concrete structures subjected to corrosion. To achieve this, first of all, several proposed robustness definitions and indicators and misunderstood concepts will be analyzed and compared. From this point and regarding a concept that could be applied to most type of structures and dam-age scenarios, a robustness definition is proposed. To illustrate the proposed concept, an example of corroded reinforced concrete structures will be analyzed using nonlinear analysis numerical methods based on a contin-uum strong discontinuities approach and isotropic damage models for concrete. Finally the robustness of the presented example will be assessed.
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