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Título: Study of seasonal weight loss tolerance in small ruminants-an NMR-metabolomics approach
Autor: Palma, Mariana
Orientador: Matzapetakis, Manolis
Almeida, André Martinho de
Palavras-chave: weight loss
Data de Defesa: 2016
Resumo: Small ruminants are very important in the tropics and the Mediterranean. In these regions, pasture scarcity during the dry season leads to Seasonal Weight Loss (SWL), one of the major problems in ruminant production. However, some breeds present higher tolerance to SWL. Understanding the physiological mechanisms by which breeds are able to cope with SWL is of utmost importance in animal selection. We studied two dairy goat breeds (Majorera and Palmera) and three breeds of meatproducing sheep (Merino, Dorper and Damara), with different levels of tolerance to SWL.(...)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/57154
Designação: Dissertation presented to obtain the PhD degree in Biology
Aparece nas colecções:ITQB: BN - PhD Theses

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