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Título: The origin and development of novelty: eyespots and immunity
Autor: Jerónimo, Maria Adelina Gonçalves
Orientador: Beldade, Patrícia
Palavras-chave: eyespots
Data de Defesa: 2016
Resumo: The infinitude of forms across living beings always fascinated scientists and laymen alike. Phenotypic variation is the raw material for natural selection and is transversal in biological systems. Evolutionary novelties are lineage specific traits with adaptive value. How such traits arise in organisms is still an open question. To understand this process we used the butterfly eyespots as a model, which are evolutionary novelty. Our testing hypothesis was that butterflies had rewired ancient genetic mechanisms used for the wound-response to develop eyespots, co-option. The major fact supporting this hypothesis is that wounding an early pupal wing can develop an eyespot-like pattern around wound site. This pinpoints the existence of genetic and cellular commonalities between eyespot development and wound response.(...)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/57152
Designação: Dissertation presented to obtain the PhD degree in Evolutionary Biology
Aparece nas colecções:ITQB: LA - PhD Theses

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