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Title: Strategic environmental assessment in Tróia (Portugal)
Author: Melo, João Joanaz de
Andrade, Francisco
Ferreira, M A
Gomes, N
Leitão, P
Pinto, M J
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: ICCCM’05 Proceedings
Abstract: Over the last two decades, the Tróia peninsula (SW coast of Portugal) has been designated by the Portuguese authorities both as a protected area and as an area of tourism development. The private investor that took over the tourism developments in Tróia asked the Institute of Marine Research (IMAR) to undertake an SEA, to help frame the design and management of the future resort. SEA results were changed by local/central government decisions, granting “more” than stakeholder/owner’s proposal, in terms of loads and densities. This process, as well as the main characteristics and results of the SEA, are presented and discussed.
Description: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Coastal Conservation and Management in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, p. 91-98
ISBN: 972-752-083-9
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