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Título: Veiga Ferreira e a Paleontologia em Portugal
Autor: Antunes, M. Telles
Palavras-chave: Veiga Ferreira
Portugal (Continente, Açores, Madeira)
Data: 28-Dez-2010
Resumo: This communication deals with the less known research activities on Palconlology by Octávio da Veiga Ferreira, since just after he became a member of the staff of the Serviços Geológicos de Portugal. These activities lasted for about 25 years (1951-1975, eventually up to 1987). Besides much field and laboralory work, Veiga Ferreira produced (alone or in collaboration} 38 papers. These concern vertebrates, echinoids, pectens and other molluscs, and malacostraca, as well as some papers of a more general or divulgation character. Studied fossils range from Jurassic to Quaternary, and from continental Portugal to Santa Maria Island (Azores), the Madeira Archipel and Angola. Veiga Ferreira is author of much valid work. He generously helped others as well. A bibliography for his paleontological papers is provided.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/4693
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