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Title: Litostratigrafia do Terciario da região Miranda do Corvo-Viseu (Bacia do Mondego, Portugal)
Author: Cunha, P. P.
Keywords: Lithostratigraphy
Central Portugal
Mondego tertiary basin
Alluvial deposits
Sedimentary discontinuities
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2010
Abstract: The lithostratigraphic units (2 groups, 5 formations and 4 members) of the Tertiary of the Miranda do Corvo-Viseu region (Central Portugal) are here described. For each unit the characterization and description (boundaries, diagnostic properties and atributes) were included. The stratigraphic, lithological, sequential and tectonic data allow correlations with other units of the same Tertiary basin located more to west and support the chronostratigraphic attribution. Sedimentologic characteristics of the deposits lead to the interpretation of the influence of tectonism, climate and eustasy during the sedimentary evolution of this Basin.
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