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Título: Mapping and characterization of a green biofilm inside of Vilar de Frades Church (Portugal)
Autor: Macedo, Maria Filomena
Miller, Ana Zélia
Data: 2006
Resumo: Vilar de Frades church is integrated in the Vilar de Frades Monastery, located in the North part of Portugal (Barcelos). The monastery, founded in 566, suffered several architectural modifications and restoration works, the most relevant was in the XVI century. The church, in granite, has one nave and six bays,holding ten chapels with vaults of crossed ribbings. Nowadays, the chapels present a severe biological colonization characterised by an intense green biofilm, which becoming apparent in other locations inside the church. In the course of a general survey concerning the conservation state of the church, an accurate campaign was planned in order to assess the main biodeterioration agents, map biological colonization and determine the environmental conditions. Laboratory analyses were accomplished with optical microscopy and spectrofluorometry. This study presents the results of this campaign. Details on conservation or preservation works that need to be implemented are also presented.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/4475
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