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Title: Cluster Turismo Sustentável em Áreas Protegidas: o caso do Alente
Author: Ferreira, Jorge
Salvador, Regina
Lúcio, José
Camilo, Vanessa
Monteiro, Ivânia
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2009
Citation: 1º Congresso de Desenvolvimento Regional de Cabo Verde/ 15º Congresso da Associação Portuguesa de Desenvolvimento Regional/ 2º Congresso Lusófono de Ciência Regional/ 3º Congresso de Gestão e Conservação da Natureza
Series/Report no.: Cluster Turismo Sustentável em Áreas Protegidas: o caso do Alentejo
Abstract: Local Tourist Systems (LTS) can be analyzed according to an investigation structure that derives from industrial economics on industrial districts, local productive systems or learning regions. LTS concept is a useful analytical tool that can seize the resorts diversity and organization. Resorts can be conceived both as clusters or industrial districts, either with a perfect agreement between productive sphere and local community or a mere industrial juxtaposition without any economic or social connection. On the other hand tourist clusters analysis has cross referred almost exclusively to socio-economic criteria. Environmental issues were almost disregarded. Approaches swing from the “greening” of products and practices to initiatives focused on an integrated approach, linking environment and tourist development. This paper tries to discuss how to favor – inside a tourist destination - the creation of clusters grounded on sustainable tourism. The case studies (the 5 Alentejo Natural Reserves: Estuário do Sado; Lagoas de Santo André e da Sancha; Vale do Guadiana; Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina; Serra de S. Mamede) are analyzed under the light of how microstructures groups can allow a territorial sustainable tourist development. The issues of “resources and competences” and “governance” ar
ISBN: 978-989-96353-0-2
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