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Título: Stratigraphie du Dogger et crise lusitanienne dans la Serra de Candeeiros
Autor: Ruget, Ch.
Thierry, J.
Rocha, R. B.
Delance, J. H.
Laurin, B.
Mouterde, R.
Tintant, H.
Palavras-chave: Stratigraphy
Serra de Candeeiros
Data: 25-Mar-2010
Resumo: New elements about the stratigraphy of the Serra de Candeeiros Dogger and Lower «Lusitanian» are presented. The Lower Aalenian was recognized for the first time. Bathonian (more than 50 metres thick) is dated on brachiopods and foraminifera. It corresponds to a series of massive micritic, biodetritical, coral-reef, chaetetid, bryozoa and oolitic-limestones. Callovian (120 m) begins by whitish or yellowish limestones with ammonites and brachiopods of the Gracilis zone. It is followed by regressive limestone sequences ending with thick oncolitic layers. The «Lusitanian» base is formed by greyish lagoon brackish limestones; it lies unconformably on the Dogger, with or without angular and/or cartographic unconformity. This radical facies change is related to tectonic deformation of several blocks between the Nazaré and Tagus faults during Oxfordian times.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/3290
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