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2011Characterization and regulation of a bacterial sugar phosphatase of the haloalkanoate dehalogenase superfamily, AraL, from Bacillus subtilisGodinho, Lia M.; Sá-Nogueira, Isabel dearticleopenAccess
Mar-2006Functional domains of Bacillus subtilis transcription factor AraR and identification of aminoacids important for nucleoprotein complex assembly and effector-binding.Sá-Nogueira, Isabel de; Franco, Irina Saraiva; Mota, Luís Jaime; Soares, Cláudio ManuelarticleopenAccess
5-Jul-2007Probing key DNA contacts in AraR-mediated transcriptional repression of the Bacillus subtilis arabinose regulon.Sá-Nogueira, Isabel de; Franco, Irina Saraiva; Mota, Luís Jaime; Soares, Cláudio ManuelarticleopenAccess
Nov-2007trans-Acting factors and cis elements involved in glucose repression of arabinan degradation in Bacillus subtilis.Sá-Nogueira, Isabel de; Inácio, José ManuelarticleopenAccess
2008Overproduction, crystallization and preliminary X-ray characterization of Abn2, an endo-1,5-alpha-arabinanase from Bacillus subtilis.Sá-Nogueira, Isabel de; Sanctis, Daniele de; Bento, Isabel; Inácio, José Manuel; Custódio, Sónia; Carrondo, Maria ArméniaarticleopenAccess
Abr-2008Characterization of the abn2(yxiA) encoding a Bacillus subtilis GH43 arabinanase, Abn2, and its role in arabino-polysaccharides degradation.Sá-Nogueira, Isabel de; Inácio, José ManuelarticleopenAccess
2008Two distinct arabinofuranosidases contribute to arabino-oligosaccharide degradation in Bacillus subtilis.Sá-Nogueira, Isabel de; Inácio, José Manuel; Correia, Isabel LopesarticleopenAccess
2010A multitask ATPase serving different ABC-type sugar importers in Bacillus subtilisSá-Nogueira, Isabel de; Ferreira, Mário JoséarticleopenAccess
2010Dioszegia antarctica sp. nov. and Dioszegia cryoxerica sp. nov., psychrophilic basidiomycetous yeasts from polar desert soils in AntarcticaFonseca, Álvaro; Connell, Laurie B.; Redman, Regina; Rodriguez, Russel; Barrett, Anne; Iszard, MelissaarticlerestrictedAccess
2008Farysizyma gen. nov., an anamorphic genus in the Ustilaginales to accommodate three novel epiphytic basidiomycetous yeast species from America, Europe and AsiaFonseca, Álvaro; Inácio, João; Landell, Melissa Fontes; Valente, Patrícia; Wang, Pi-Han; Wang, Yen-Ting; Rosa, Carlos A.articlerestrictedAccess
Abr-2008Identification of mating type genes in the bipolar basidiomycetous yeast rhodosporidium toruloides: first insight into the MAT Locus structure of the sporidiobolalesFonseca, Álvaro; Coelho, Marco A.; Rosa, André; Rodrigues, Nádia; Gonçalves, PaulaarticleopenAccess
Mar-2009Phylogeny and phenotypic characterization of pathogenic cryptococcus species and closely related saprobic taxa in the tremellalesFonseca, Álvaro; Findley, Keisha; Rodriguez-Carres, Marianela; Metin, Banu; Kroiss, Johannes; Vilgalys, Rytas; Heitman, JosepharticleopenAccess
2006Microeukaryoticdiversity in the extreme environments of the Iberian PyriteBelt: a comparison between universal and fungi-specific primer sets, temperature gradient gel electrophoresis and cloningSampaio, José Paulo; Gadanho, MárioarticlerestrictedAccess
2009Hexose and pentose transport inascomycetousyeasts: an overviewLeandro, M. J.; Gonçalves, Paula; Fonseca, CésararticlerestrictedAccess
Fev-2007Biogeography, host specificity, and molecular phylogeny of the basidiomycetous yeast phaffia rhodozyma and its sexual form, xanthophyllomyces dendrorhousSampaio, José Paulo; Libkind, Diego; Ruffini, Alejandra; Alves, Leonor; Broock, Maria vanarticleopenAccess
2006An overview of the higher level classification of Pucciniomycotina based on combined analyses of nuclear large and small subunit rDNA sequencesAime, M. Catherine; Matheny, P. Brandon; Henk, Daniel A.; Frieders, Elizabeth M.; Nilsson, R. Henrik; Piepenbring, Meike; McLaughlin, David J.; Szabo, Les J.; Begerow, Dominik; Sampaio, José Paulo; Bauer, Robert; Weiß, Michael; Oberwinkler, Franz; Hibbett, DavidarticleopenAccess
Abr-2008Natural populations of saccharomyces kudriavzevii in Portugal are associated with oak bark and are sympatric with s. cerevisiae and s. paradoxusSampaio, José Paulo; Gonçalves, PaulaarticleopenAccess
2008The expression in saccharomyces cerevisiae of a glucose/xylose symporter from Candida intermedia is affected by the presence of a glucose/xylose facilitatorLeandro, Maria José; Spencer-Martins, Isabel; Gonçalves, PaulaarticleopenAccess
Items da Coleção (Ordenados por Data de depósito em ordem descendente): 1 até 18 de 18