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Title: The recognition of work
Author: Nierling, Linda
Keywords: Recognition
changes in work
gender relations
Issue Date: Nov-2007
Publisher: IET
Citation: Nierling, Linda (2006), "The recognition of work", Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies, 3, IET, pp. 55-65
Abstract: The following article argues that recognition structures in work relations differ significantly in the sphere of paid work in contrast to unpaid work in private spheres. According to the systematic approach on recognition of Axel Honneth three different levels of recognition are identified: the interpersonal recognition, organisational recognition and societal recognition. Based on this framework it can be stated that recognition structures in the sphere of paid work and in private spheres differ very much. Whereas recognition in private spheres depends very much on personal relations, thus on the interpersonal level, recognition in employment relationships can be moreover built on organisational structures. Comparing recognition structures in both fields it becomes apparent, that recognition in field of employment can be characterised as much more concrete, comparable and measurable. Therefore, it can be concluded that the structural differences of recognition contribute to the high societal and individual importance of employment in contrast to unpaid work in private spheres.
ISSN: 1646-1223
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