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Título: Contribuição para a datação do conglomerado de Odeáxere
Autor: Manuppella, G.
Rocha, R. B.
Palavras-chave: Odeáxere conglomerate
Data: 2-Ago-2008
Resumo: According to P. Choffat, Odeáxere conglomerate was Oxfordian in age, and would represent the unconformity between Malm and Dogger. Choffat's opinion was based exclusively in a lithological comparison with conglomerates from Arrábida; these conglomerates are now reported to the Dogger, as they are intercalated between beds with Timidonella sarda. However, in the mesogean realm, the stratigraphical position of T. sarda in the Dogger is still not accurately known. Some authors think its range would extend from Aalenian until the Bajocian, yet others think it would be more restricted, from Aalenian to the lower Bajocian only. Its stratigraphical span seems to be even more restricted in Algarve: uppermost Aalenian to lowermost Bajocian.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/1537
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