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Título: Actividade ígnea pós-paleozóica no continente português (elementos para uma síntese crítica)
Autor: Aires-Barros, L.
Palavras-chave: Igneous activity
Data: 28-Jul-2008
Resumo: The Author presents a synopsis about the post-Paleozoic igneous activity in continental Portugal. Subvolcanic massifs of Sintra, Sines and Monchique and the basaltic complex of Lisbon-Mafra are interpreted. The large network of dikes and sills occuring at north of Tagus river in Lisbon- Torres Vedras region as the dikes of Algarve and also those of diapiric formation are studied and compared. Also the doleritic dikes cuting the Hesperic Massif and the Great dike of Alentejo are studied. The Author presents an attempt of petrological and geochemical correlation-among these post-Paleozoic igneous rocks. For this more than 350 chemical analysis are used in order to elaborate several diagrams and some general conclusions are derived from them. The correlation between the origin of these igneous rocks and the opening of North Atlantic and the counter-clockwise rotation of the Iberia are also tried.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/1513
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