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Título: Eco-wall modular solutions for buildings
Autor: Amado, Miguel P.
Pinho, Fernando
Faria, Paulina
Ramalhete, Inês
Palavras-chave: Sustainable construction
Pre - fabricated wall
Ecological materials
Data: 2014
Resumo: This paper discusses the development of modular solutions for eco low-cost houses based on a pre-fabricated modular wall system environmentally sustainable, socioeconomically competitive and geared towards developing African nations with a housing deficit. The key point to the research of a modular wall solution is a structural layer complemented with local and materials made by non-specialized workforce. This wall also meets also hydrothermal acoustic and mechanical properties. Thus,the solution also offers good safety and interior comfort conditions to its users while maintaining the flexibility to expand the size of the house. Parameters as dimensions, materials and constructive processes of the existing housing stock were studied. Features such as the family size, typology, different uses, common materials, existing regulations, minimal living conditions, safety and comfort have also been considered to achieve the most efficient solution.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/12462
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