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Título: Electron Transfer and Ligand Binding Properties of Cytochromes
Autor: Quintas, Pedro Oliveira
Orientador: Turner, David
Catarino, Teresa
Data de Defesa: Jun-2013
Editora: Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica.
Resumo: Haem proteins are one of the most versatile groups of proteins in nature. They are able to perform several functions, such as transport and storage of oxygen, electron transfer, sensing of small molecules, and catalysis. The nature of the haem, the presence or absence and the nature of the axial ligands to the iron atom, and the effect of the polypeptide chain of the protein on the environment of the haem all contribute to this versatility. The work presented in this thesis focuses on the mechanisms of electron transfer and the discrimination of small ligands by cytochromes containing haem c with axial histidines.(...)
Descrição: Dissertation presented to obtain the Ph.D degree in Biochemistry
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/12011
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