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Title: Chemostratigraphy (TOC, 􀁇13C, 􀁇18O) around the Pliensbachian/Toarcian boundary in the reference section of Peniche (Lusitanian Basin, Portugal)
Author: Veiga de Oliveira, L. C.
Duarte, L. V.
Rodrigues, R.
Keywords: Chemostratigraphy
Stable isotopes
Lusitanian Basin
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Departamento de Ciências da Terra
Abstract: This work presents the chemostratigraphy analysis based on total organic carbon (TOC) and the evolution of the carbon and oxygen stable isotopes in the whole rock samples around the Pliensbachian/Toarcian boundary in the Peniche section (uppermost part of Lemede Formation and lowermost part of Cabo Carvoeiro Formation). These are partial results which form part of a group of studies, being processed, that include isotope analyses of 87Sr/86Sr, 􀁇18O, 􀁇13C and major, minor and trace elements in whole rock and belemnites.
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