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Title: Neochelys sp. (Chelonii, Erymnochelyinae), from Silveirinha, early Eocene, Portugal
Author: Broin, F.
Keywords: Neochelys
Basal Eocene
paleogeographical questions
Issue Date: 30-Dec-2010
Abstract: Constituted of isolated fragments with a smooth decoration, the turtle material from Silveirinha is examined in order to define its sure belonging to Neochelys, by comparison with other smooth turtles which may be present during the Palaeogene of Europe (freshwater Testudinidae, Erymnochelyinae, Bothremydidae). The elements are compared with the already known Neochelys species of the Eocene European localities. Questions are made about the possible geographical migrations of turtles between South and North during the early Eocene of western Europe. The phyletic relationships cannot be established but the species, seeming new and one of the more primitive as a whole (after the preserved elements), is the older from the Iberian Peninsula.
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