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Título: An overview of the higher level classification of Pucciniomycotina based on combined analyses of nuclear large and small subunit rDNA sequences
Autor: Aime, M. Catherine
Matheny, P. Brandon
Henk, Daniel A.
Frieders, Elizabeth M.
Nilsson, R. Henrik
Piepenbring, Meike
McLaughlin, David J.
Szabo, Les J.
Begerow, Dominik
Sampaio, José Paulo
Bauer, Robert
Weiß, Michael
Oberwinkler, Franz
Hibbett, David
Palavras-chave: Basidiomycetes
Molecular phylogenetics
Parasitic fungi
rDNA systematics
Data: 2006
Editora: The Mycological Society of America
Resumo: In this study we provide a phylogenetically based introduction to the classes and orders of Pucciniomycotina (5Urediniomycetes), one of three subphyla of Basidiomycota. More than 8000 species of Pucciniomycotina have been described including putative saprotrophs and parasites of plants, animals and fungi. The overwhelming majority of these(,90%) belong to a single order of obligate plant pathogens, the Pucciniales (5Uredinales), or rust fungi. We have assembled a dataset of previously published and newly generated sequence data from two nuclear rDNA genes (large subunit and small subunit) including exemplars from all known major groups in order to test hypotheses about evolutionary relationships among the Pucciniomycotina. The utility of combining nuc-lsu sequences spanning the entire D1-D3 region with complete nuc-ssu sequences for resolution and support of nodes is discussed. Our study confirms Pucciniomycotina as a monophyletic group of Basidiomycota. In total our results support eight major clades ranked as classes (Agaricostilbomycetes, Atractiellomycetes, Classiculomycetes,Cryptomycocolacomycetes,Cystobasidiomycetes, Microbotryomycetes,Mixiomycetes and Pucciniomycetes) and 18 orders.
Descrição: Mycologia, Vol. 98, nº6
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/3249
ISSN: 0027-5514
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