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Título: Environmental management and mudit training at the New University of Lisbon by University-Industry co-operation
Autor: Melo, João Joanaz de
Data: 2001
Editora: EEE Network and University of Florence
Resumo: This paper describes the experience of a joint university-industry effort, under the course "Project on Environmental Management and Auditing", in the Environmental Engineering program at the New University of Lisbon. In this course, students are divided in audit teams and perform environmental audits in operating companies or institutions. The course has shown remarkable success, in all respects. The total number of case studies so far is 50. They have covered many fields of activity, including among others: chemicals, cement, electricity, gas, metalwork, pulp and paper, auto components and assembly, construction works, waste treatment, shopping centres, fuel and chemical storage, public and cargo transportation, an airport, military bases, insurance business, tourism, a natural preserve, zoos and aquariums, and the UNL Campus itself at Caparica. Relations with the audited companies or institutions have been quite positive, by means of carefully drafted protocols that ensure a mutually acceptable methodology and scope of the audit, along with undisclosure clauses. We have found this a very positive experience for all concerned: the students, the companies or institutions and the University.
Descrição: Environmental Training in Engineering Education (ENTREE 2001) - integrated green policies: progress for progress, p. 329-339 (Florence, 14-17 November 2001; proceedings published as book)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/5565
ISBN: 90-76760-03-9
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