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Title: Largest 2-generated subsemigroups of the symmetric inverse semigroup
Author: Fernandes, Vítor H.
André, Jorge M.
Mitchell, J. D.
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Abstract: The symmetric inverse monoid In is the set of all partial permutations of an n-element set. The largest possible size of a 2-generated subsemigroup of In is determined. Examples of semigroups with these sizes are given. Consequently, if M(n) denotes this maximum, it is shown that M(n)/|In| → 1 as n → ∞. Furthermore, we may deduce, the already known fact, that In embeds as a local submonoid of an inverse 2-generated subsemigroup of In+1.
Description: Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, nº50 (2007), p.551-561
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