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Title: Orbital forcing of stratal patterns in an inner platform carbonate sucession: an example from an Upper Hauterivian series of the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal
Author: Lézin, C.
Bonnet, L.
Rey, J.
Caetano, P. S.
Gonçalves, P.
Rocha, F.
Rocha, R. B.
Keywords: Stratal variations
Inner platform environments
Orbital cycles
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Departamento de Ciências da Terra
Abstract: With an example taken from a late-Hauterivian series of the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal), we will demonstrate the sedimentary record of orbital pattern variations and, consequently, climate variations in an inner platform environment with patterns and isolation changes, allows us to establish 4 major orders of periodicity related to orbital components:- The large cycles ob bed thickness variation, constituted by 31-32 beds, recording the 400 ky eccentricity cycle component;- The medium cycles, represented by byndles of 8-9 beds, related to the 100 ky eccentricity cycle component; - The small cycles, of 3-5 beds, recording the 41 ky obliquity components;- The very small cycles, of 2 beds, related to the 22 ky and 26 ky precession components. The mean duration of each bed is around 11.8 ky, a number very close to that of the precession hemi-cycle. Climatic control on qualitative production is confirmed by the close relation between the bed thickness variations, the insolation variability and the variation of micritized elements concentrations.
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