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Título: Structure to function studies in UDP-glucose dehydrogenases and nitroreductases
Autor: Rocha, Joana Raquel M.
Orientador: Frazão, Carlos
Mitchell, Edward P.
Data de Defesa: Abr-2010
Editora: Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica
Resumo: The thesis is divided into two parts corresponding to structural studies on two different proteins. The first part concerns the study of two UDP-glucose dehydrogenases (UGDs) from Sphingomonas elodea ATCC 31461 and Burkholderia cepacia IST 408, both involved in exopolysaccharide production. Their relevance arises because some of these bacterial exopolysaccharides are valuable as established biotechnological products, the former case, whilst others are highly problematic, when used by pathogens in biofilm formation over biological surfaces, as the latter case, namely in the human lungs. The goal of these studies is to increase our knowledge regarding UGDs structural properties, which can potentiate either the design of activity enhancers to respond to the increased demand of useful biofilms, or the design of inhibitors of biofilm production, in order to fight invading pathogens present in several infections. The thesis reports the production and crystallisation of both proteins, the determination of initial phases by single-wavelength anomalous dispersion (SAD) in S. elodea crystals using a seleno-methionine isoform, and phasing of B. cepacia crystals by molecular replacement (MR) using the S. elodea model, as well as the refinement, structural analysis and comparison between the several UGDs structures available during this work.(...)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/4077
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