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Título: Faunule ichthyologique du Lias inférieur de S. Pedro de Muel, Portugal
Autor: Antunes, M. Telles
Rocha, R. B.
Wenz, S.
Palavras-chave: Fishes
Lower Liassic
S. Pedro de Muel
Data: 28-Jul-2008
Resumo: The material collected in the Lower Liassic beds of S. Pedro de Muel (Portugal) contains some remains of actinopterygian fishes. The most significant elements have been described, and two genera have been recognized. One of them, Furo, is a halecomorph of the Caturidae family, the other one, Proleptolepis, is a teleostean genus belonging to the family Leptolepidae s. str. It is the first record of these two genera in Portugal. This discovery gives new data on the geographical distribution of Furo and Proleptolepis. In the present state of our knowledge, this last genus seems to be restricted to the Sinemurian - Lotharingian.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/1510
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