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Title: Contributions à la paleontology du Miocène moyen continental du basin du Tage; (V) les végètaux de Póvoa de Santarém (note préliminaire)
Author: Pais, João
Keywords: Póvoa de Santarém
Middle Miocene
Issue Date: 25-Jul-2008
Abstract: The lignite-clays of Póvoa de Santarém dated as Upper «Vindobonian» (mammalian zone MN6), fielded abundant remains of animals and plants (spores, pollens, seeds, etc.). The forms identified are indicative of several environments. Plants, either aquatic or belonging to swampy areas are predominant (Nuphar sp., Sparganium sp., Stratiotes kaltennordheimensis, cf. Ranunculus sp.). There are also remains of plants characteristiques of a humid rather than a swampy soil such as Polypodiaceae, Myrica ceriferiformis, Toddalia maii, Spirematospermum wetzeleri. The genera Vitis and Ephedra, although rare, point fowards the existence of drier regions in the neighbourhood. The presence of polens such as Picea indicate the presence at some distance less warm upland forest areas.
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