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Título: Influence of the molecular weight in mechanical properties and degradation kinetics of chitosan inverted colloidal crystals
Autor: Kullberg, Ana Teresa Guerra
Orientador: Borges, João Paulo
Silva, Jorge
João, Carlos
Palavras-chave: Inverted colloidal crystals
Bone tissue engineering
Molecular weight
Data de Defesa: Set-2014
Resumo: Tissue engineering arises from the need to regenerate organs and tissues, requiring the development of scaffolds, which can provide an optimum environment for tissue growth. In this work, chitosan with different molecular weights was used to develop biodegradable 3D inverted colloidal crystals (ICC) structures for bone regeneration, exhibiting uniform pore size and interconnected network. Moreover, in vitro tests were conducted by studying the influence of the molecular weight in the degradation kinetics and mechanical properties. The production of ICC included four major stages: fabrication of microspheres; assembly into a cohesive structure, polymeric solution infiltration and microsphere removal. Chitosan’s degree of deacetylation was determined by infrared spectroscopy and molecular weight was obtained via capillary viscometry. In order to understand the effect of the molecular weight in ICC structures, the mass loss and mechanical properties were analyzed after degradation with lysozyme. Structure morphology observation before and after degradation was performed by scanning electron microscopy. Cellular adhesion and proliferation tests were carried out to evaluate ICC in vitro response. Overall, medium molecular weight ICC revealed the best balance in terms of mechanical properties, degradation rate, morphology and biological behaviour.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/14285
Designação: Dissertação
Aparece nas colecções:FCT: DCM - Dissertações de Mestrado

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