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Título: Earth mortars from pre-historic habitat settlements in south Portugal. Case studies
Autor: Bruno, Patrícia
Faria, Paulina
Candeias, António
Mirão, José
Data: 2010
Editora: ADECAP
Resumo: Analyzing earth mortars from five archaeological habitat settlements in south Portugal allowed deepen the knowledge of some pre-historic building techniques and also contributed to the interpretation and reconstitution of those sites domestic structures. The analysed materials were composed by different types of earth traces: small clayish daub fragments coming from the renderings of two neolithic pits, from Defesa de Cima 2 (Évora); fragments of clayish mortars with branches prints, coming from covering and filling wood structures, from calcolithic settlement of São Pedro (Redondo, Évora); manual and perhaps moulded mudbricks, probably belonging to a wall adjacent to a surrounding moat, from calcolithic settlement of Alto do Outeiro (Beja); big fragments of a hut wall, probably made of stacked earth, from Alcalar calcolithic settlement (Portimão, Faro). Earth materials were burnt by fire, which permitted their conservation until nowadays.
Descrição: J. Iberian Archaeology 13 (2010), 51-67
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/9954
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