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Title: “The past is a foreign country”? Acculturation theory and the anthropology of globalization
Author: Leal, João
Keywords: Acculturation theory
History of anthropology
Melville Herskowits
Roger Bastide
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: CRIA
Abstract: Contemporary anthropology has developed a consistent interest in the study of modes of circulation of people, objects and ideas associated with current cultural globalization. This interest is usually presented as a new development in anthropological theory and its possible predecessors, such as diffusionism and acculturation theory, dismissed as irrelevant. Focusing on the works of Melville Herskovits and Roger Bastide, this article argues for a less biased imaged of acculturation theory and stresses the ways in which some of its achievements can inspire current approaches to cultural globalization.
Description: Etnográfica, 15 (2): 313-336
ISSN: 0873-6561
Appears in Collections:FCSH: DA - Artigos em revista nacional com arbitragem científica

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