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Title: Uranium glass in museum collections
Author: Matos, António Pires de
Lopes, Filipa
Ruivo, Andreia
Muralha, Vânia S. F.
Lima, Augusta
Duarte, Pedro
Paiva, Isabel
Trindade, Romão
Keywords: Uranium glass
Uranium analysis
Radiological protection
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: The presence of uraniumglass objects in museum and private collections has raised radiation protection concerns resulting from possible exposure to ionizing radiation emitted by this type of object. Fourteen glass objects with different uranium contents were studied. Dose rates (b þ g radiation)were measured with a beta/gamma probe at several distances fromthe glass objects. In general, the determined dose rates did not raise any concern as long as some precautions were taken. Radon (222Rn), usually the most important contributor for the overall natural dose exposure resulting from radium (226Ra) decay in the uraniumnatural series, was also evaluated and it was found to be within the background values. Non-invasive analyses of the uranium content were made using micro-EDXRF analysis, measuring the radiation emitted by the objects and fluorescence spectroscopy.
Description: Journal of Cultural Heritage, nº 9 (2008), p. 64-68
ISSN: 1296-2074
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