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Título: Post-processing Techniques in Free Boundary Flows during Liquid Composite Moulding Processes
Autor: Dimitrovová, Zuzana
Palavras-chave: post-processing techniques, Darcy flow, Stokes flow, free boundary flows, mesolevel analysis, capillary pressure, liquid composite moulding
Data: Ago-2005
Editora: Civil-Comp Press
Resumo: Post-processing a finite element solution is a well-known technique, which consists in a recalculation of the originally obtained quantities such that the rate of convergence increases without the need for expensive remeshing techniques. Postprocessing is especially effective in problems where better accuracy is required for derivatives of nodal variables in regions where Dirichlet essential boundary condition is imposed strongly. Consequently such an approach can be exceptionally good in modelling of resin infiltration under quasi steady-state assumption by remeshing techniques and with explicit time integration, because only the free-front normal velocities are necessary to advance the resin front to the next position. The new contribution is the post-processing analysis and implementation of the freeboundary velocities of mesolevel infiltration analysis. Such implementation ensures better accuracy on even coarser meshes, which in consequence reduces the computational time also by the possibility of employing larger time steps.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/4350
ISBN: 1-905088-02-7
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