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Título: O Ofício lisbonense para a Trasladação de S. Vicente
Autor: Ferreira, Manuel Pedro Ramalho
Palavras-chave: Música antiga
Ofício de S.Vicente
São Vicente
St. Vincent
Data: 20-Out-2014
Resumo: The contents of the notated manuscript Lisbon, Arquivo da Casa da Moeda, Liv. 843 (fragmento) were identified in 2010 as part of a hitherto unknown liturgical Office, commemorating the translation of the relics of St. Vincent of Zaragoza to the Lisbon Cathedral on September 15, 1173. The text was edited in 2011, with facsimiles, by Aires A. Nascimento. Confrontation with a 1536 print containing the complete text of the Office, allowed the present author to propose an improved edition in 2013, with its music. Since the historical narrative contained in the sung portions of the Office differs from those known so far—a contemporary narrative by the Cathedral's precentor, Stephen, and alternative accounts by archdeacon Ferdinand and by the canons of St. Vincent "Outside the Walls"—this paper explores its implications. Both the political agendas behind the main narratives and the role of two historical figures (a shady character, presbyter Munio, and a well-known King) are thus illuminated. The author concludes that the Office retains the memory of the central role of local potters (connected to the Mozarabic past), lead by Munio, in the invention of the relics—key to their empowerment—, and betrays in its composition the royal patronage of King Afonso IV in the years around 1340, when he planned his entombment in the Cathedral, facing St. Vincent's tomb, and heralded St. Vincent as Portugal's patron saint.
Descrição: PEst-OE/EAT/UI0693/2014
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/39877
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