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Título: A Gradual from Sens in Lisbon
Autor: Luca, Elsa de
Data: 2016
Resumo: Little is known about the history and contents of P-Ln Iluminado 84, a fully notated Gradual with sequences integrated. Manuel Pedro Ferreira first proposed Sens as the point of origin for the manuscript, but nothing has been published to substantiate this informal proposition. In this paper I propose to discuss the contents of Iluminado 84 and test the hypothesis of its origin in Sens for the first time. Palaeographical features such as the style of foliation and the absence of custodes connect Iluminado 84 to a French milieu but the analysis of the sequences demonstrates that this manusript can be considered as the oldest surviving source transmitting some of the earlier sequences for Sens fully notated.
Descrição: UID/CESEM/EAT/00693
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/29194
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