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Título: Perceptions of organizational virtuousness and happiness and predictors of organizational citizenship behaviors
Autor: Rego, A
Ribeiro, N
Cunha, MPE
Palavras-chave: organizational virtuousness
psychological climate
affective well-being
organizational citizenship behaviors
Data: 1-Jan-2009
Editora: Springer Science Business Media
Resumo: Moral and financial scandals emerging in recent years around the world have created the momentum for reconsidering the role of virtuousness in organizational settings. This empirical study seeks to contribute toward maintaining this momentum. We answer to researchers’ suggestions that the exploratory study carried out by Cameron et al. (Am Behav Sci 47(6):766–790, 2004), which related organizational virtuousness (OV) and performance, must be pursued employing their measure of OV in other contexts and in relation to other outcomes (Wright and Goodstein, J Manage 33(6):928–958, 2007). Two hundred and sixteen employees reported their perceptions of OV and their affective well- being (AWB) at work (one of the main indicators of employees’ happiness), their supervisors reporting their organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB). The main finding is that the perceptions of OV predict some OCB both directly and through the mediating role of AWB. The evidence suggests that OV is worthy of a higher status in the business and organizational psychology lite
Descrição: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 93 Issue 2, p214-235
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/2436
ISSN: 0167-4544
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