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Title: Whole life health insurance
Author: Noronha, Lisete Fernandes de
Advisor: Miguens, Maria de Fátima
Real, Pedro
Keywords: Health
Private health insurance
Level premium
Whole life
Defense Date: 2008
Publisher: FCT - UNL
Abstract: The health insurance has become complementary to the National Health Care system in Portugal. In the last years, the increase of this insurance has been considerable. Despite the health concerns of Portuguese citizens, related to better life quality, medical technology and others, the ageing of Portuguese population is a reality to be well thought-out. Regarding this fact, the whole life health insurance is an important product to be developed. In this dissertation, it is presented an approach to the calculation of the level premiums for the whole life health insurance in order to fulfil the Portuguese insurer’s market requests. A private health insurance company with a historical data of ten years provided the statistics used for this calculation. The levelled insurance premiums were calculated on the basis of the risk involved and according to the principle of equivalence. This means that regarding the period insured, the total of premiums should match the total of the benefits.
Description: Dissertação apresentada na Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa para obtenção do Grau de mestre em Matemática e Aplicações
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