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Jan-2009Gammaretroviral and lentiviral vectors for gene therapy: stability and inactivation mechanismsCarmo, MarlenedoctoralThesisopenAccess
2002Cork stoppers industry: defining appropriate mould colonizationOliveira, A. C.; Peres, C. M.; Correia Pires, J. M.; Silva Pereira, C.; Vitorino, S.; Figueiredo Marques, J. J.; Barreto Crespo, M. T.; San Romao, M.V.articleopenAccess
Mai-2009Anaerobic bacteria: an investigation of metabolic important enzymes: a novel type of oxygen reductase and enzymes of the tetrapyrrole biosynthesisLobo, Susana AndrédoctoralThesisopenAccess
2005Effect of fungal colonization on mechanical performance of corkSilva Pereira, Cristina,; Soares, Giselle A. M.; Oliveira, Ana C.; Rosa, Maria Emılia; Pereira, Helena; Moreno, Nuno; San Romao, Maria VitoriaarticleopenAccess
20062,4,6- Ttrichloroanisol:a consumer panel evaluationTeixeira, Margarida I. V; San Romão, M. Vitória; Bronze, M. Rosário; Vilas-Boas, LuísarticleopenAccess
Dez-2008Deciphering the role of Yap4 phosphorylation under stress conditionsPereira, JorgedoctoralThesisopenAccess
Set-2007Fucosyltransferase IX: characterization and biological roleBrito, CatarinadoctoralThesisopenAccess
1-Jan-2006Penicillium glabrum cork colonising isolates – preliminary analysis of their genomic similariBasílio, MC; Gaspar, R; Silva, Pereira C; San, Romão MVother-
Fev-2009The computational role of short-term plasticity and the balance of excitation and inhibition in neural microcircuits: experimental and theoretical analysisCarvalho, Tiago Jorge de PinhodoctoralThesisopenAccess
Dez-2008A regulated response to mitochondrial dysfunction modulates longevity and rates of livingCristina, David Zeferino d’AzevedodoctoralThesisopenAccess