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Título: Rational design of insect cell-based vaccine production
Outros títulos: Bridging metabolomics with mathematical tools to study virus-host interactions
Autor: Monteiro, Francisca
Orientador: Alves, Paula
Bernal, Vicente
Data de Defesa: 14-Set-2015
Resumo: The increasing demand of baculovirus- based biopharmaceuticals raises the interest in developing high-titer production processes. Baculovirus infection boosts the host biosynthetic activity towards the production of viral components and the recombinant protein of interest, hyper-productive phenotypes being the result of a successful adaptation of the cellular network to that scenario. Thus, the comprehensive knowledge of the host cell metabolism, mainly in the post-infection phase, can provide clues on the metabolic adaptations that occur and, ultimately, aid bioprocess engineers in developing rational and targeted optimization strategies.(...)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10362/20494
Designação: Dissertation presented to obtain the Ph.D degree in Engineering and Technology Sciences-Biotechnology
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