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Title: Job quality in Europe: the North-South divide
Author: Cerdeira, Maria da Conceição
Kovács, Ilona
Keywords: Social and Institutional Context
North and South European Countries
Job Quality
Issue Date: Nov-2008
Publisher: IET
Citation: Cerdeira, M.C.; Kovács, I. (2008): "Job Quality in Europe: the North-South Divide", Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies, 4, Monte de Caparica, IET, pp. 21-47
Abstract: This paper examines the job quality in Europe. It is based on the results of the Fourth European Foundation Survey on working conditions covering different dimensions including work organisation, job content, autonomy at work, aspects of worker dignity, working time and work-life balance, working conditions and safety in the workplace. The results point to the existence of great diversity in the job quality across Europe and the north-south divide. The job quality differences are related to the variety of social and institutional contexts. The countries of Southern Europe, with their social and institutional contexts falling within the scope of the Mediterranean model, generally present indicators below the European average contrasting Nordic countries having the best job quality indicators.
ISSN: 1646-1223
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