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Title: Contributions à la Paléontologie du Miocène moyen continental du Bassin du Tage. II - Observations sur les dents pharyngiennes de poissons cyprinidés - Póvoa de Santarém.
Author: Gaudant, J.
Keywords: Cyprinid fishes
Middle Miocene
Issue Date: 15-Jul-2008
Abstract: The study of Cyprinid fish pharyngeal teeth, collected by M. Telles Antunes in continental "Helvetian" sediments from Póvoa de Santarém, makes possible to demonstrate the occurrence of two distinct species. One remains undetermined. The other belongs to the recent genus Leuciscus CUV. Several dental types of this genus are described and figured as Leuciscus antunesi nov. sp. Palaeoclimatical and palaeoecological interpretations are proposed.
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