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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Aug-2009Global restructuring and its effects on occupations: towards a new division of labor?Krings, BettinaworkingPaperopenAccess
Aug-2008The globalisation in the clothing sector and its implications for work organisation: a view from the Portuguese caseMoniz, António Brandão; Paulos, Margarida RamiresworkingPaperopenAccess
27-Jan-2010Health care costs of domestic violence against women – evidence from PortugalBarros, Pedro; Lisboa, Manuel; Barrenho, Eliana; Cerejo, DalilaworkingPaperopenAccess
Jun-2015Historic and potential technology transition paths of grid battery storage: Co-evolution of energy grid, electric mobility and batteriesBaumann, ManuelworkingPaperopenAccess
26-Aug-2015História e Saber Tropical: Memória de Gago para além das suas políticasMacedo, Jorge Braga deworkingPaperopenAccess
Feb-2011How composite indicators of innovation can influence technology policy decision?Boavida, NunoworkingPaperopenAccess
May-2010The impact of global forces on the individual: empirical evidence from the German clothing industryNierling, Linda; Krings, Bettina-JohannaworkingPaperopenAccess
Jan-2009Importance of global co-innovation networks: A TCS case studyZutshi, AneeshworkingPaperopenAccess
Jun-2011Industrial networks: are they a new and alternative way to conduct business or just a logical consequence of a globalising economy?Siebler, VanessaworkingPaperopenAccess
Apr-2009Inferências acerca de uma eventual relação entre relações públicas e tecnologias de informação e comunicaçãoPereira, SandraworkingPaperopenAccess
Mar-2011Innovation assessment in a local branch of a rail transport manufacture industry - A case studyBoavida, Nuno; Moretto, SusanaworkingPaperopenAccess
Mar-2010Innovation assessment of a Portuguese railway branch of a foreign multinational - a case studyBoavida, Nuno; Moretto, Susana MartinsworkingPaperopenAccess
Mar-2014InnovationCity Ruhr: a prime example for social and technological innovationGötting, AdrianworkingPaperopenAccess
Aug-2011Inovação disruptiva: reflexões sobre as suas características e implicações no mercadoCândido, Ana ClaraworkingPaperopenAccess
Mar-2016Introdução à deep webDuarte, David; Mealha, TiagoworkingPaperopenAccess
Feb-2014Lag-user method: Using laggards to leverage user innovationJahanmir, Sara F.; Lages, Luís FilipeworkingPaperopenAccess
Feb-2015Leadership paradoxes in Angolan organizations: Emic paradoxes, etic paradoxes, and paradox workCunha, Miguel Pina e; Fortes, Armanda; Rodrigues, Filipa; Rego, ArménioworkingPaperopenAccess
Apr-2008Low-power 6-bit 1-GS/s two-channel pipeline ADC with open-loop amplification using amplifiers with local-feedbackGoes, J.; Paulino, N.; Galhardo, A.workingPaperopenAccess
Dec-2007Main features of the labour policy in PortugalMoniz, António Brandão; Woll, TobiasworkingPaperopenAccess
Nov-2014Mar dos Açores, Mar de Portugal, Mar da Europa, aprofundar o passado para projetar o futuroChaves, Duarte Nuno; Costa, Ricardo Madruga da; Machado, Margarida Vaz do RegoworkingPaperopenAccess