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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2007Machado de Castro nos jardins de BelémRodrigues, Ana DuartearticleopenAccess
1-Sep-2000Mais Música para os PequeninosRodrigues, HelenaarticleopenAccess
1991Making the cake and eating it as wellRendas, António BensabatarticleopenAccess
13-Aug-2008Mammifères pleistocènes de Algoz, en Algarve: une revisionAntunes, M. Telles; Azzaroli, A.; Faure, M.; Guérin, C.; Mein, P.articleopenAccess
Nov-2006Management Structure and Work Team Processes; Responsibilities and ResponsivenessKuipers, Ben S.; de Witte, Marco C.articleopenAccess
1-Jan-2009Managerial strategies in canning industries: A case study of early twentieth century PortugalMata, MEarticle-
2006Mansfield and Lewis: impressionism and vorticism in the short storyCorreia, Alda MariaarticleopenAccess
2001O mapeamento possível no mundo dos possíveis-articleopenAccess
2006Mapping and characterization of a green biofilm inside of Vilar de Frades Church (Portugal)Macedo, Maria Filomena; Miller, Ana ZéliaarticleopenAccess
1999Mapping Mediterranean Portugal: Pastoral and Counter-pastoralLeal, JoãoarticleopenAccess
2010Maria da Cunha ZorroLousada, IsabelarticleopenAccess
2013Maria Lacerda de Moura e Ana de Castro Osório: correspondência em trânsitos atlânticos e feministasLousada, Isabel; Laguardia, ÂngelaarticleopenAccess
1992The marine Neogene of Eastern Venezuela : a preliminary reportPadron, V.; Martinell, J.; Domenech, R.articleopenAccess
1-Jan-2009Mathematical modelling of shallow flows: closure models drawn from grain-scale mechanics of sediment transport and flow hydrodynamicsFerreira, RML; Franca, MJ; Leal, JGAB; Cardoso, AHarticle-
2005O matrimónio disfóricoSilva, Luís Oliveira earticleopenAccess
2009Maximum level and time to peak of dam-break waves on mobile horizontal bedLeal, J. B.; Ferreira, Rui M. L.; Cardoso, António H.articleopenAccess
2007Mazagão: A última praça Portuguesa no Norte de ÁfricaCorreia, JorgearticleopenAccess
1998Máximas prudenciais do jogo político e de outros jogos do poderCardia, Mário SottomayorarticleopenAccess
2010Measuring the cytochrome c nitrite reductase activity—practical considerations on the enzyme assaysSilveira, Célia M.; Besson, Stéphane; Moura, Isabel; Moura, José J. G.; Almeida, Maria GabrielaarticleopenAccess
2014Mechanical and mineralogical properties of natural hydraulic lime-metakaolin mortars in different curing conditionsGrilo, João; Santos-Silva, António; Faria, Paulina; Gameiro, André; Veiga, Rosário; Velosa, AnaarticleopenAccess